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Closed Captions

Did you know that most, if not all, videos are required to have captions?

Expand your reach and your audience by creating accessible content, no matter how your consumers engage. Accessibility is paramount with the growing media market of live, recorded and streaming video. Let us help you by creating clean, well-synced open or closed captions to engage your audience whether they’re members of the deaf community or Facebook browsers.

We can create captions for YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook ads, but it doesn’t stop there. With good, quality audio, we can create captions for your promotional videos, tutorials, instructional videos or even make captions and subtitles for your audio files. Captions are also great for your SEO which helps more people discover your content!

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Review & Critique

Have you been writing a story and you need a fresh pair of eyes on it?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Writing is fun and amazing but it’s also challenging. When you’ve stared at the words so long and know the story inside-out, it’s hard to see it from any other angle than that of the writer. As the narrator, you know everything about every character and every back story, but what about your readers, your audience?

Will they be able to see the picture you’ve painted and follow the plot of your beautifully crafted story? Our review & critique services are quite beneficial. We’re skilled at unveiling the hidden pitfalls of story and character development. We’d love to put those skills to work for you.

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